Joy’s Night Out

Joy, still naked and on the over-sized beanbag in the office, opened her eyes, yawned and looked around and noticed everything was back to normal. The only scents in the air were pine and lemon being circulated through the room by the ceiling fan.

As she scooted off the beanbag, she noticed the shadows, surrounded by the pink and orange hues shining through the windows, were cast high on the beige wall.

“It’s getting late.”


A little disappointed, Joy made her way slowly out of the room. The soft, light brown carpet massaged her bare feet as if trying to comfort her. Joy quickened her step once the faint sound of running water tickled her ears. Her supple tits bounced as she jogged through the house to their bedroom.

The luscious and calming scents of Jasmine and Vanilla brought her gait to a halt at the doorway to their master bathroom.

“Joy!” Josh crossed the floor in two steps, grabbed her naked body and hugged her against his half dressed self. He kissed her deeply and their tongues played together. Joy moaned softly, butterflies in her stomach and chills on her skin. She reluctantly broke the kiss.

“What’s all this?” She asked as she pointed to the hot water filling the bathtub.

“I thought I would surprise you with a jasmine vanilla bath before we go out tonight.”

“Oh, how swee…. Go out? When? Where?”

Josh leaned over the tub and turned the knob to the right. The water stopped. He stood & Joy noticed beads of sweat on his upper lip from the hot water. He put his hand out for her. “Come on in, it’s just right for you.”

Joy took his hand and let him gently guide her into the tub. She stepped in and sat down. “Mmmm.” Her skin turned red from the hot, fragrant water. She stretched her long legs out in front of her, leaned back and closed her eyes. “This feels heavenly.”

Josh grabbed a baby blue terry washcloth and placed it in the water. He wrung out the excess water and put liquid vanilla soap on it. He started at her feet and washed up her legs. He spread them and washed gently between and inside the lips around her hot center.

Joy opened her eyes and moaned. “What are…you doi… doing?”

“I am making sure you are all clean, Love. Just relax.”

Joy closed her eyes again and Josh washed her tight stomach with both hands, one with the washcloth, the other just by itself. He slowly worked his way up to her breasts, washing under and around them, then pinched her nipples to get a reaction.

She moaned even more. “Josh, I though… thought you said we had to go somewhere.”

He grinned at her, “We are. Just having fun before we do. I have my reasons.”

He grabbed her hands gently. “Sit up, Baby, let me get your back.”

She sat up and he gently washed her back and down to her beautiful bottom. “Almost done, I want to wash your hair and braid it.”

“Seriously Josh, what’s going on?!”

“Hush and tilt your head back.” He said in his Master tone.

She did as instructed. He took the cup from the rim of the tub, filled it with water and then slowly poured it on her long red hair. He gently and thoroughly washed her hair with Jasmine shampoo. Joy moaned. She loved having her hair washed by Josh. She was nearly asleep when he once again filled the cup with water and rinsed her hair.

“Almost done, Princess.” He whispered into her ear.

She turned to face him, “What?”

He winked, laughed and gave her the hand mirror. “You still have make-up on, well streaked make-up, and your whiskers are visible. I couldn’t resist.”

She giggled.

“Here, wash your face while I get your outfit ready.” Josh handed her the washcloth and stood. “When you are done, I will do your hair.”

He walked to the closet and scanned her clothing for the perfect outfit. He pulled a black, pleated mini-skirt from the clothes rod and put it on the outfit hooks on the wall. He turned back to her clothes and found a white cotton button-up short sleeve shirt. He held it up and then put it on the hook.

Joy drained the tub, stood and stepped over the edge of the tub to the bathmat. She grabbed the light blue terry bath sheet from the towel rack and dried her body.

Josh peeked around the corner. “Just put a towel on your head, I will work on the ‘do’ in a few.”

“Yes, Love. Nice poetry, by the way.” Joy giggled.

Back in the closet and opened a Fredricks of Hollywood bag he stored in there earlier, pulled out the garter, thigh high fishnet stockings and a white lacy bra. He walked to their bedroom and placed them on Joy’s side of the king sized bed.

She walked out of the bathroom behind him, the bath sheet wrapped around her luscious body, and a smaller blue terry towel in a turban style on her head. Josh turned around and removed the towel around her body. He appreciatively scanned her gorgeous body from head to toe.

“Now, let’s get you dressed.” He reached behind him, grabbed the bra and dangled it in front of her face.


He gently slid the left shoulder strap up her arm and placed it on her shoulder. He repeated the same for the right. He softly pulled the cups to the front by the tiny plastic hook and fastened it.

“This isn’t very supportive, Josh.”

“It’s not for support, it’s for show.” He said throatily.

Again he reached behind him and brought the garter to her. He knelt down, holding it in front of her. Joy stepped in with each foot, taking note of the stockings on the bed. She gasped slightly as Josh worked the garter up to her waist.

“Sit on the bed.”

Joy walked by him and sat on the bed. He took one stocking, scrunched it like he’d seen her do many times and slid it over her left foot, letting it unravel until it stopped mid-thigh. He did the same for the right. He couldn’t look her in the eyes, he was too captivated by the hairless center just below the garter. He slowly ran his hands up her muscular thigh and grabbed the strap, stretched it until he could fasten it to the front of the stocking, doing the same for the other side.

Josh looked up at her and whispered, “Stand and turn around so I can fasten the back.”

She stood and turned around. This time, he worked from ankle to thigh, slowly, methodically, watching chills form on her skin. He fastened one, then the other, and before he stood, he leaned forward and kissed each ass cheek. She smelled her sexy juices as they wet her pink, hairless lips; if she smelled them, he could too.

“Sit in your chair by your vanity, Love. I need to do your hair.”

“Josh, will you PLEASE tell me what is going on tonight? I’m confused, I’m dressed in a way I’ve not been in years, and you are being so seductive.”

“Nope, sit.”

Joy walked to the oak vanity and sat on the backless chair. Josh took the towel from her head and dropped it at her feet. As he reached forward to grab the comb on the top of the vanity his pant covered cock brushed against her shoulder. She felt the bulge, and looked up at the mirror and confirmed his excitement. How he was able to keep his member restrained in the black slacks was beyond her. She turned to grab the clothed shaft between her lips, but he stopped her short.


Joy pouted. Her bottom lip stuck out slightly, like a wounded child. Josh didn’t let it deter him. He gently combed her hair and then braided it.

“Time to get dressed.”

He held his hand out to her and helped her stand. He guided her into the bathroom. The tiled floor was cold and slippery on her stocking feet.

“Your clothes are hanging in the closet, waiting.”

She walked in and looked at what he chose. “Interesting choice, Josh.” She took the skirt off the hanger and stepped into it, pulled it up to her waist and zipped it. She looked in the mirror and noticed the thigh highs were slightly visible and shook her head. She unbuttoned the blouse, took it off the hanger and put it on, buttoned it from bottom to top.

“What shoes do you want me to wear?”

“Oh! I nearly forgot.” He walked in and grabbed a box from the floor. Turned to her and grinned. “These.”

Joy opened the box, her eyes widened and she gasped. “These… are… four inch… spikes!”

Josh looked from them to her. “Yeah, I know.” Then grabbed his shirt off the hanger, put it on and buttoned it except the two top buttons. He looked at Joy in the mirror, spun around, reached out and deftly undid the top three buttons of her blouse, showing her deep cleavage. “Better, go put the shoes on now. We have to go.”


“No buts, go.”

Joy’s puzzled expression radiated as she walked carefully to the bedroom and sat on the bed. She put both shoes on her feet and looked up as Josh finished turning off the lights. He walked to her and held out his hand.

“Let’s go, love.”

They left the house in and got into the Mustang. As Josh turned the key the V8 engine came to life with a purr. He could see Joy take a deep breath. The seductive growl from muscle cars turns her on and drives her crazy.

“Buckle up, Babe.” He said as he put on his own seat belt.

Once in the road, he put it in gear, revved the engine and drove down the road. Even though Joy knows the area well, she couldn’t help but feel helplessly lost with the emotions in her mind. Between the purrs and growls of the ‘Stang and the past couple of hours, she was not thinking straight.

“Relax, Joy.” He patted her thigh reassuringly.

She looked over at him and smiled. “Yes, Josh.”

It took about 45 minutes for them to reach the parking lot of their destination. There were no neon signs, or other signs for that matter, to announce the name of the place. Josh parked, turn the car off, put the keys in his pocket, got out and walked around to Joy’s side of the car. He opened the door and held a hand out to her for assistance. She took it gratefully, got out and they both closed the door.

She opened her mouth and he put a finger to her lips. “Just wait.”

Hand in hand, they walked to the darkly tinted double glass doors of the building and a host opened it from the inside.

“Welcome. Name?”


The host checked the list. “Ah yes. Melanie, can you please escort our couple to private room four.”

A young lady wearing a burgundy spaghetti strap blouse, short black silk skirt and thigh high black leather boot walked up to them. She flashed a beautiful smile and grabbed Joy’s hand. “Right this way.”

Joy looked at Melanie, then back and Josh, who grinned and giggled. He pushed her slightly. “Follow her.”

They followed to room four. Melanie opened it, “Enjoy.”

The couple walked into the room. The only lights were votive candles on mirrored sconces that seemed to float in the air. The walls were black, but not in an eerie manner. The air smelled like vanilla, jasmine and lavender and brought back memories of getting ready. Her inner thighs began tingling.

Shortly after the click of a lighter, another flame danced above a floating candle. It slightly illuminated a table to their left.

“Please, sit,” said a sultry female voice.

Josh ran his hand softly down Joy’s back, encouraging her to move forward. He squeezed her tight butt when his hand dropped below her waist.

Goosebumps danced on Joy’s skin, her heart sounded like a horse racing around the track, and her breathing came shallow.

They reached a large leather loveseat behind the coffee table where the votive was resting. The flame moved to and fro with the movements of the air around it.

Josh placed his hand on Joy’s thigh and traced circles. He felt her goosebumps.

The recessed lights above the center of the room began to light up and show the bed. There were two slender and tan women laying on the floral sheets. The blonde was wearing a black leather bra and panty set. The brunette had on a pink lacy teddy.

Joy gasped slightly but could not take her eyes off the women. They caressed each others’ body, then kissed. First their lips touched briefly. The brunette kissed a trail down the other’s neck. Then her tongue licked between the cleavage. The blonde moaned and lay back, allowing her partner to have access to her entire body.

Joy squirmed in the chair. Josh leaned over and kissed just below her earlobe, “Just relax and watch. Have fun, do whatever you want.”

The brunette straddled the blonde, pinned her arms down playfully and kissed the woman. They began grinding together. Joy and he blonde moaned together.

Joy caressed her legs, her breathing became rapid. Slowly her legs spread.

Josh smiled watching her. He played with her braid. Slowly his free hand moved to her blouse and undid a button. Joy stopped him at one and whispered, “We…can’t…not here…”

As if hearing Joy, the brunette climbed off her partner, who whimpered, and off the bed. She walked in front of Joy and slowly reached between her legs and unsnapped the teddy, never taking her eyes off Joy’s. She moved closer to the couple and Josh slid the straps off the woman’s shoulders, and the teddy fell gracefully to the floor.

The brunette leaned in, her breasts touching Joy’s as she got really close, putting her arms on either side of Joy’s neck. “You can do whatever you desire. Play with yourself, fuck your husband, join us, whatever.”

Joy held her breath and watched the woman smile, stand up and return to the bed. With a glance back she crawled from the foot between the blonde’s legs and unsnapped the sides of the black leather panties and pulled the front off, revealing the smooth, pink lips waiting. They glistened with the juices. Joy licked her lips. The brunette leaned forward and licked her partner.

Josh undid another button and slid his hand into Joy’s blouse. He unfastened the bra easily and her pert breasts jumped out, wanting attention. Joy slid her hands under her skirt, to her very hot, wet panties. To her surprise, her fingers slid right into her pussy.


Josh laughed and nibbled her ear, “They are crotchless.”

“OH FUCK YES!” came from the bed, the blonde had her legs wrapped around the other woman’s head and grinding. Her body quaked as she screamed, making her orgasm obvious.

The brunette removed the woman’s legs and sat up on her knees. The blonde sat up and licked her partner’s face clean while one hand caressed a breast and the other went to the brunette’s clit. The brunette immediately began grinding.

Joy’s hands worked feverishly on her clit. Her fingers thrust in and out of her wet pussy. Josh now had her blouse undone and was pinching her nipples, making them hard. They stood out about half an inch. Joy moaned and panted.

The blonde got off the bed and walked to the couple. The brunette laid on her back and began to masturbate. The blonde put her hands out to Joy and helped her stand. She removed Joy’s blouse and bra. They fell to her feet near the teddy. Her hands caressed down Joy’s torso the waist of the skirt, unzipped it and let it fall as well. She then pushed Joy back onto the couch.

It was Josh’s turn. He stood without help and Joy watched as the blonde undressed him and pushed him back onto the sofa.

“Straddle him and get his cock in your pussy or I will.” The blonde demanded.

Joy didn’t hesitate, “Yes, Mistress.”

Josh’s cock throbbed and grew harder. Joy stood and straddled him, sitting on his lap, his cock slid in easily. She moaned and juices immediately squirt on him, down his balls and onto the love seat. Josh moaned even louder than she did.

“Good little slut. Enjoy, I’ll be back.”

The blonde returned to the brunette who panted and was on the verge of an orgasm from her playing. She went between her partner’s legs and sucked the bulb that was present through the lips. The brunette screamed as the blonde bit her clit slightly. When the juices squirt, the blonde covered the brunette’s pussy and caught the juices.

Both woman kissed then turned their attention to Joy and Josh. They got off the bed, walked to the loveseat and sat down on either side of Josh. His hands went between their legs and he slowly fingered their wet pussies, and teasing their enlarged clits. The women took turns kissing Joy, caressing her breasts and enjoying the foreplay.

The blonde took charge. “Get off him, now.”

The brunette helped Joy off Josh. His head was tilted back, pleasure on his face.

Joy panted, her body yearning for more.

The blonde kissed Josh and then looked at Joy. “Get on the bed, on all fours.”

The brunette pushed Joy a little and then got up herself. They walked to the bed and joy crawled onto it. The brunette reached under the mattress and got a whip. While they did that, the blonde sucked Josh’s cock clean. “Don’t cum.” She ordered him and he moaned loudly. Joy turned to see him and moaned herself.

The blonde walked to Joy. “Be a good girl, and I’ll let him come fuck you.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

The brunette handed the whip to the Mistress who drug it along Joy’s body. Goosebumps formed all over her. “I’ll be good, because I want to see you get fucked and hear you scream.”

She took the handle of the whip, which was a black, rubber penis and thrust it into Joy’s pussy. It was only about one inch thick with large raised veins. Joy felt them as it went inside her. Joy’s head went back but she wouldn’t make a sound. She knew she wasn’t allowed because of her play earlier with Josh.

The brunette couldn’t handle it and began masturbating again.

Josh’s cock throbbed and his balls ached to release. His hands dug into the cushions so he wouldn’t stroke his rock hard shaft.

Joy couldn’t help but moan as the Mistress thrust the dildo in and out of her. She knew how to hit the right spot.

“Bad girl.” She removed the toy and then whipped Joy with the leather strands. It left tiny pink welts on Joy’s ass. “You need to be good. Clean my toy.”

The blonde put the dildo in front of Joy’s lips. Joy opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and licked the head. Slowly the Mistress let her take the fake penis into her mouth. Joy cleaned it well, sucking it in and out slowly. Moans echoed throughout the room.

Josh couldn’t resist it any more, he stood took three giant steps and was at the bed. He got on the bed, stood behind Joy then got on his knees. His cock standing out like a homing device, trying to reach it’s warm cave. He caressed Joy’s ass and watched goosebumps form on her from his touch.

The Mistress reached under the mattress again and pulled out a dual ended, hot pink dildo, nodded to the empty spot on the bed and the brunette got onto it and sat down. The Mistress then slid on end of the toy into her partner, crawled on top of the bed, put her legs on top of her partners, and slowly moved forward, the free end of the toy slid into her wet pussy. Both women moaned. They caressed each other and moved slowly, in rhythm, fucking the toy.

“You can fuck her now. Take her rough, make her scream.”

Josh needed no other words. He grabbed Joy by the hips and brought her to him as he moved into her. His cock buried deep inside her wet, hot pussy, his balls slapping her clit. They both moaned. Her tits bounced hard, making a slapping noise as they hit her ribs. “Fuck, Joy, you get me so fucking turned on.”

“I try my hardest. ”

With those words, he began fast and hard thrusts in and out of her, his veins rubbing her pussy walls. She screamed and panted, moaned and whimpered, and then put her head into the bed and her ass in the air more, he hit the spot with every inward thrust.

The women next to them kissed, moaned and worked their joint cock. Their pants and moans became more wanting and hungry.

Their moans fed Joy and Josh. He moaned loud. His thrust became more urgent as his balls tightening. Joy’s screams were loud, even though they were muffled. Her body shook and her pussy tightened around his cock.

“Oh Fuck yes, Joy YES!”

His hot cum shot deep into her womb on his last forceful thrust. Joy reached for her clit and gave it that last tweak and she orgasmed, squirt her juices mixed with his onto his cock.

The women next to them screamed as they both orgasmed, then collapsed into each other’s arms.

The smell of sex filled the air, and the panting slowed. Josh pulled out of Joy and she collapsed on the bed, and turned over.

A door opened opposite the one they came in earlier. “You may shower if you wish, before you leave. You will find towels and soap, everything you need.”

The two women grabbed their clothing. Before they walked through the door, they turned and said, “Thank you so much. This was very enjoyable.”

Joy looked at Josh and began blushing.

“Come on, beautiful, let’s shower.”

“Joy followed him. They stepped into the large shower. “How did you know about this place?”

“A guy at work told me about it. Said he brought his wife here and they became addicted.”

Joy wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. “I can see why.”

The couple washed each other then dried off. They found their clothing laid out on the counter. They dressed and followed the signs to the exit.

“Thank you, and, please, come again.” The host said as he handed Josh a DVD.

Josh opened the door of the Mustang for Joy, kissed her, “Thank you, Joy. I’m glad to have you.”

Joy blushed, returned the kiss then sat in the car. When he walked around and got into the driver’s seat, she looked at him, “Thank you, hon. You’ve found my secret desires and help me live them. I love you.”

He started the car, put it in gear, grabbed her hand and drove toward home. Both of them smiling.

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