“The Bitch” by Christian Jensen

The Bitch is the first book in Witches House: The Chronicles of Rosario by Christian Jensen, an Erotica Horror writer.

Jensen introduces us to Monica, a sexy werewolf, as she is hunting. Not just for food, which she found, but for the One. Monica goes against all the motherly rules of not playing with your food before you eat it. She lures prey, male or female, with her lusciousness. She isn’t a tease, though, she gives and receives amazing pleasure. The killer is her final bite.

Jensen delivers more than just pant wetting hot sex scenes in his book. The story line he gave for Monica and her friends, Rosario & Charlie, searching for the One kept me reading. With every adventure you could hear, smell, taste and feel the action, be it a fight or a tryst.

Jensen also did a great job with the supernatural. Witches, werewolves, shapeshifters, etc weren’t just in the book, they were described, used, and explained so well.

I definitely recommend this book to others.

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