Sweet Music

Sweet Music

Three months ago, Alana created a memorial near the stadium for her boyfriend, Bradly. A small wooden cross was in the ground, a faded picture of him sat next to it and flowers, new and old, carpeted the ground. This was her special spot. As the sun finished its final descent from the sky into the western horizon, she held her head in her hands and cried for him. His parents refused to believe he died, because his body was not found. Alana knew he died. She heard his the gurgles with his last scream as she ran away.

Tonight, she had cried so much, her eyes closed from exhaustion and she woke, two hours after sunset. Alana stood, took one last look at his picture and wiped her eyes. The autumn air was cooler than normal, even for the small costal town. A chill swept through her as her feet shuffled slowly in the direction of her house.

An odd feeling came over Alana the hairs on her neck stood on end. A seductively sweet ballad tickled her ears and caressed her body. It was barely audible, however as it flowed from outside her and into her heart, the sax’s growl grew louder, as if it were alive. It found her.

The song tugged at her aching heart. As the music drew her to the source, to him, it teased her with its softness. The notes spoke to her of lost love, forgiveness, the want of a companion, loneliness and desire.

Alana found a small boom box in the middle of an abandoned warehouse. She knelt in front of it and swayed back and forth with the tempo. Her eyes closed as she remembered hearing Bradly play for her. She did not know it, but he stood behind her.

He moaned softly. Alana turned toward him slowly. She gazed into his fading blue eyes, sunk into his skull. She took in every inch of him as chills covered her arms. When she saw his letterman’s jacket, she gasped and knew it was him.


He stumbled and turned his back to her.

“It . . . can’t be . . . you. . .”

Tears fell down Alana’s cheeks. Bradly turned back to her, knelt by her side and wrapped his arms gently around her. She looked up at him. They kissed and his tongue parted her lips. She carefully slid her arms around his waist.

Reluctantly she pulled from him. Her eyes sparkled with excitement, her breathing came in pants and her heart raced. She did not see what he had become, but what he used to be, and wanted him. They’d never been together and now she wanted nothing more than for him to be in her.

Her hands trembled as she fumbled with his pants. She was pleased to see that the decay had not affected his cock and it was hard and throbbing at her touch. Bradly hiked her skirt and she took him inside her wet pussy. Alana cried as he took her virginity, but moaned as they moved as one. Neither lasted long before they climaxed and what was left of his sperm crawled into her womb, like living zombie microorganism and started the transformation.

Before she collapsed onto him, she whispered “I love you. Now, we can be together, forever.”

Bradly smiled. He lay her on the floor next to him. He put her skirt down and fastened his pants. When Alana screamed in pain, he returned her to his lap, pet her as she convulsed. Her eyes fluttered and quickly found his.

She slid onto the floor in front of him, a smile played on her already decaying lips.

“I knew you would come to me.”

She reached her hand out and wrapped it around his. “I couldn’t live without you.”

Bradly helped Alana stand, her legs shook from the change, then her stomach growled.

“Let’s get you some food. I know where some really good brains can be found.”

Together, they shuffled their feet out of the warehouse, to hunt and live together.

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