Had a Bad Day

Beth’s day had been less than stellar. Last night’s storm caused a power outage which fried her alarm clock, making her miss being woken up by her morning DJ. It also did a number on her tankless instant water heater, which shocked any residual sleep out of her system when her “hot” shower turned out to be an icy one.

Then, while Beth dressed, her last pair of nylons snagged on a ring she should have stopped wearing ages ago, but just couldn’t bear to remove.

She rushed out of her apartment door, locked it. She ran the short distance to her car with her heels, books and cell phone in hand. The Nissan didn’t start right away. “DAMN IT!” Beth screamed as she pounded on the steering wheel with both hands. “You were tuned up YESTERDAY! Come on, baby, please start.” She turned the key in the ignition one more time and it started. She sighed with relief, and made her way to the college.

Even though she made it to college in record time, she was ten minutes late getting to class. Fortunately for her, the professor walked in two minutes later. Unfortunately, as she bent down to get her laptop to transfer last night’s assignment to the flash drive, her relief turned into a sick, sinking feeling in her stomach. I should have put it on the drive yesterday after school. With my luck today, my hard drive will be fried.

Beth sat through class and took notes the old fashioned way; paper and pen. After the hour had expired, she walked to Mr. Vale and explained the situation.

“When you get home, just email it to me. You have two hours.”

“Thank you, Sir.” She wasn’t sure if it was her honesty, the fact she looked ragged, or the tears threatening to fall from her eyes that led him to have mercy on her, but she was thankful for it.

His class was the last for the day, so she felt as if her luck was turning around. As she walked to her car, the overcast sky had turned into an ominous cloud of black, and with a flash of lightening and startling clap of thunder, the bottom fell out of the clouds and rain poured down on her.

“NO WAY!” she screamed under her breath with clenched teeth. She closed her eyes and calmed down, “At least the rain is warmer than my shower.”

Beth’s car sputtered to a start. She sighed with relief and began the 15 mile drive home.

Her car stalled at the first traffic light off campus. ” REALLY? So much for my luck turning around.” she mumbled. “It’s pouring down rain, my water heater is fried, as is my alarm clock, my professor gave me a pass to turn in my homework within the next two hours and you decide to DIE on me. You piece of shit car!”

Tears streamed down her face at the same rate the rain was cascaded down the windshield of her car. Beth twisted the ring on her finger. It’s crazy I still have this on. Tom and I aren’t dating anymore and he has moved on to someone new. I am just glad our friendship is still strong. She turned on the hazard lights, and pulled out her phone to call a tow truck and cab. At almost the same time she unlocked the phone, it rang. The caller ID popped up and it was Tom.

Beth composed herself and answered cheerfully, “Hey Tom! What’s up?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” her voice cracked “To what do I owe the honor of this call?”

He sighed heavily over the phone. “That can wait. What. Is. Wrong? I can hear it in your voice.”

“Long story short, my car stalled and won’t start, I’m stuck just off campus and… well…” She burst into a silent cry.

“I’ll be right there.”

“NO! I’m going to call a tow truck and cab, I’ll be fine. Don’t you have a date tonight with your girlfriend?”

He didn’t say another word. When she looked at her phone to see if he was still there, it politely said “Call Ended.”

She kicked off her heals, put the car in neutral, then stepped out of the car and began pushing it while turning the steering wheel toward the shoulder. “Glad I did all the leg workouts in high school.” she mumbled.

The car was off the road, but now she had muddy feet, and matted hair to go with her already soaked clothing. Not to mention she was mentally drained. The familiar sound of an old Nova neared as she began to sit back in her car. It made her smile, despite how awful she felt.

Tom stopped and got out with an umbrella. “Get your stuff and get in, I have some towels in there for you, because I knew you would not wait for me to help move the car.”

Beth was about to argue, but stopped herself short. Instead, she shook her head, got her stuff, opened the door to his car and put one of the long towels on the seat then sat down. She didn’t want to get his car dirty.

He watched then reached in, grabbed her keys from the ignition closed the door and locked it.

Once inside his car, he tossed the keys to her car into her lap, “Don’t want to leave these in it.”

“Why not, it’s a piece of junk anyway.” Beth covered her face with one of the towels, feigning wiping the rain off while she cried.

“Your house key is on it.” Tom looked at her, turned on the local rock station, and drove to her apartment.

He parked in her spot under the carport. She was lucky to have one by her door. Beth grabbed her items, the soiled towels, reached for the handle, then turned to him. “Thanks, Tom. You always seem to come to my rescue. I’ll wash these towels and get them back to you later.” More relief than she wanted was in her voice. She turned her head quickly so he couldn’t see the emotions play across her face. He knew her way too well, and she didn’t want to explain.

“No problem.”

Beth felt him watch her walk to her door and unlock it. Tom turned off the car and before she could turn around, he was behind her, his hand on hers as she opened the door. He pushed her inside.

“Tom…. what…”

As he kicked off his shoes, Tom leaned down and kissed her, with more passion and hunger than she ever felt from him before. She responded with an equal amount of both, but reluctantly broke the kiss. She panted and asked, “Tom, what about Gail?”

She saw his jaw tighten then his winning smile played across his lips. “What about her?”

Visibly holding back her desires, “I’m going to go change now, you should maybe go?” Please see I don’t want you to go, but want you to stay. I want to finish what we started so many times but I was let my mind get in the way.

He pulled her back to him for another kiss then guided her backward until they reached the couch. His hand slid up her bare legs. “Tom, are you sure?”

He tugged her skirt and underwear off with one swift jerk of the wrist. She followed his lead and hurriedly undid his pants and removed them garments. Then Beth removed his shirt, over his head as she kissed his chest. With it tossed aside, Tom began to slowly unbutton her blouse but gave into his desire and ripped it open. White buttons flew across the room. The last obstacle was her bra, which he deftly unsnapped and removed.

“I’ve been wanting to make love with you for far too long.” Tom moaned into her ear.

His hot breath on her neck made her shiver. “I’ve only dreamt this would happen between us.”

He guided her to lay on the oversized couch. Before Tom slowly lowered himself onto her, he took in her entire body. He slid his cock into her wet pussy. He stopped slightly as he broke her hymen. they fit together perfectly, as if they were two puzzle pieces. They moaned and moved together. Hunger and passion grew between them. Kisses became deeper and hungrier and breathing ragged.

“Tom, I love you.”

“I love you too, Beth.”

When he said those words, it sent her over the edge, and she had one of the most amazing orgasms ever. Her juices squirt and coated his cock, and her walls squeezed and released it. He moaned loudly and he cam deep inside her.

They laid there for a long time, kissed and caught their breath.

“I told you this would happen one day.” Tom whispered, as he gazed deep into her eyes.

“You did.”

He got up and toweled off, then began to get dressed. “I love you, Beth. But this has to stay between us. Ok?”

“Definitely. This is the perfect end to a horrible day.” She smiled brightly, sat up and looked at him, “Why did you call?”

“I had a feeling you needed me and well, I had a plan to come over anyway.” He grinned that winning grin again.

“You had better get to your date.” Beth insisted. She stood and put a towel around her torso. “I will wash all these towels and have them to you tomorrow.”

Tom laughed, “I’ll come get them.” Then he left for his date.


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