It’s Just Kitten Play

Dust particles danced in the sunrays coming through the windows . Joy held the mop loosely in her hands as she moved it across the kitchen floor. Her long, tanned legs stretched for miles from under her short cut off jeans. Her breasts bounced and struggled to come out of her tight tank top, nipples pert. The music was loud and she sang along with it, so she didn’t hear or feel the vibrations of the garage opening or the growl of the V-8 engine as he pulled the Mustang into the garage. Her foot slipped on the wet floor, as she jumped like a startled kitten when Josh walked into the adjoining room. Her heart raced. He rarely, if ever, came home before the end of the workday.

He grinned mischievously as he stealthily walked into the room. He missed nothing, scanning her taut body, starting at her feet, up her muscular legs and resting on her chest. Her skin tingled. She knew this look. So did the butterflies that lived in her stomach. Joy lifted the mop from its position on the floor and was dunked in the hot, soapy water the bucket held. She searched the floor for the driest path out, glanced back at Josh and saw his jeans become tighter at the fly. His look got even more demanding. It whispered, “Run or you will be tickled where you stand.” Her feet were walking before she realized she was moving from the kitchen. Once clear, she ran through the house. Joy instantly remembered the first time they made love.

Best friends for years they hadn’t even realized they were in love with each other. They played some forgotten video game and she won. He reached over and tickled her. It sent electrical sensations through her body. Joy wiggled out from under him, escaped but he caught her. Straddled her waist, pinned her hands above her head with one hand, then tickled her more. Begging and pleading did nothing to stop him, so she resorted to what her body was telling her to do. She kissed him. Her lips soft on his but her passion flowed through her, into him and it deepened.  That’s how all their best lovemaking has started since.

Josh laughed as he watched her, through lustful eyes, scamper away, like a frightened kitten. He looked at his watch, the second hands ticked, ticked, ticked. He looked up and gave chase, one of his steps were like two of hers.

“I’ll find you.” He taunted.

His eyes darted, searching as his ears caught the sound of her muffled giggle. Joy was in the game room. She tried to dodge under his out stretched arms, but he blocked her.

“You can’t get away now.”

One step forward, she backed up two. His grin widened. She panted. One step forward and she backed into the over sized beanbag chair. A low, throaty chuckle came from deep within Josh. She tried to back up, but he caught her around the waist and he lowered himself down onto her, caught her hands. His muscles bulged in his bicep as he put both wrists in one vice, grip hand and held them above her head. Her body shook, heart raced and she wiggled under him. His legs tightened, keeping her still. She felt his member throbbing through their clothing. He slowly tickled her with his free hand. He started at her sides and felt her muscles quiver through her paper-thin shirt. It took every ounce of control to not rip her shirt off and suck her huge nipples.

Josh was methodic about it at first. He slid his legs back so his hard cock was pressing against her heat. She let out an involuntary moan. He loosened his grip on her hands. Her arms flung down, she’d been laughing so hard she was weak. Her fight back was more like lazy pawing almost as if she caressed his taut stomach through his shirt. Joy giggled and laughed out of control. Her eyes danced. She squirmed under him.

Josh laughed, fell next to her and she bounced off the beanbag. He panted, as if exhausted so Joy crawled a few feet, tempting him with her ass, and she looked back. She ran, light-footed, through the carpeted house her breasts bouncing with each step.

Joy thought she was safe huddled in the den closet, like a cat waiting for her prey to show before she pounced. Josh would not look for her here. This is where their latest form of play started. She tried to be quiet, but her giggles and heavy breathing betrayed her. Josh peered into the closet.

“There’s my girl.”

As she looked up at him, she realized what took him so long. He held the little silver studded leather kitten collar. She saw the hunger building in his eyes. Joy moaned. The heat between her legs began to ooze through the cotton panties and denim.

One step back and Josh motioned his finger for her to move to him. Joy nodded, stood and took two steps forward. Her heart pounded as if it was coming through her chest. They’d only played like this a couple times. One step back. Two steps forward. The anticipation was immense. He legs felt like jelly as she walked out of the closet to him.

“Yes, Master?”

Josh kissed her deeply, tongue partied her lips, forcing its way into her tiny mouth. His hands wrapped the collar around her neck. Chills covered their bodies. A magical sensation coursed in their veins. A hungry growl formed in his throat. He stood back. He pulled the tank and it ripped like paper from her chest. Her bare breast bounced happily relieved of their restraint.

“Dirty kitty. You are not wearing a bra today. You may get punished for that.” He could not take his eyes off her perfect, milky white tits. He pinched the nipples hard and the painful pleasure shot through her. Joy moaned and mewed. The damn broke and she soaked the denim between her legs. “Consider that your punishment this time, my Pet.”

Josh glided his fingers down her tight stomach. Her muscles flinched and goosebumps formed over her delicate skin. He slowly undid her shorts. He was getting the desired effect.  He slid the clothing down her legs and tasted them in the process. He smelled her juices and moaned, “My Pet is excited.”

Josh tapped her shoulder as he stood. Joy got on all fours and purred. Like a good kitten she rubbed against his legs. He walked behind the desk, Joy followed, meowing. She watched his muscles move as he bent and opened the old, wooden chest behind the desk. He pulled out the costume: kitten ears, tail, paws. Today, he added a new item to the costume, make-up.

“Be a good Princess and sit before your Master.” Princess circled his legs and sat pretty in front of him. He placed the headband with the ears on it on her head. It pulled her long brunet hair back from her eyes and let it lay on her back. He walked behind her and slid the belt with a tail around her waist. He broke the silence when he spanked her butt playfully. He saw the chills instantly form on her naked skin, again. “Now, Princess, lay on your back and give me your paws.” Josh whispered in her ear.

Princess lay down and rolled on her back. She noticed Josh’s cock was harder than before. The buttons looked like they could pop off momentarily. He knelt and placed the soft black gloves on her front paws. He sat back and slowly put the fuzzy black sockies on her rear paws. Before he got up, he leaned forward, seeing the bulb peaking through her hairless lips, licked it slowly. She moaned.

“Oh, Princess, you know better than to moan, you are a kitten now. You will be punished, soon.”  Princess mewed apologetically.

Sternly, he said, “sit pretty, we have one more thing to do.” When Princess sat, he painted her face with a black nose and whiskers.

Oh no, he’s not punished me before. I… don’t know what to think. I’m nervous. I’m excited. This is hard. I must stay in character, but I want him to fuck me so bad.

Josh walked over to the couch. She watched as he adjusted his cock to sit. He stared at Princess. He undid his belt. The leather and denim scratch as he slid it out of the loops.

Princess did not move. She watched him, waiting for the command.

“Princess, come here.”

Princess’ muscles flexed and relaxed as she crawled on all fours, mewing and purring until she got to his feet. She looked up at him. He gently put a finger under her chin tilting her so her eyes met his. “Remember I said you would be punished.” Princess mewed her acknowledgement. “I know I’ve not punished you before, and you need to learn.” She mewed. There was fear in her eyes and voice. “Shhh. Princess, I will never hurt you.”

Josh slid his hand down the length of the smooth, brown belt and folded it in half. He scoot forward so her face rubbed against the denim of his inner thighs. She could see his cock pulsing through the rough fabric. The belt landed on her bare ass with a crack, leaving a small welt. Princess bit her tongue and tasted blood, then mewed softly. Her bodily reaction to the tinge of pain shocked her. She smelled her juices as they seeped slowly from her lips.

Josh sat back, “Stay in character, okay Princess.” She gazed into his eyes and let out a throaty meow. Her burning desire was visible in her eyes. She licked her lips, tasting the salty sweat beads on her upper lip.

Princess sat pristinely and waited. He stroked her long, coconut scented hair with one hand while he undid his pants with the other. The hunger in his eyes was unmistakable. He used both hand to slide his pants and underwear past his hips and all nine inches stood erect in front of Princess’ face. Her breaths came rapid and she could hear her heart beating in her ears. He watched her, raised his hips and slid the clothing down to his knees and let them fall to his ankles. Josh kicked them aside.

“Be a good kitty,” He moaned in anticipation, “make your master cum.”

Princess purred and kneaded his muscular thighs with her delicate paws. She leaned forward, shaking in anticipation; licked her lips and wrapped them around the two-inch girth of his rock hard cock. She felt him quiver and watched his eyes. She knew it drove him wild when she constantly looked up at him during blowjobs. Her mouth was a small for his cock. She was determined to take him all the way in, she wanted to feel the purple head in her throat. She loosened and stretched her lips and jaw to manage. The veins rubbed against her soft, wet lips and she began to slowly suck his cock. She purred at times, at others she moaned. She could only manage half on the first intake. When she had the head by her lips, she teased it, stuck the tip of her tongue in the hole, coaxing the salty pre-cum. Without hesitation she sucked hard taking the entire shaft into her mouth, straight into her throat, lips brushed against his pubic hair. Princess gagged slightly and her eyes watered, but she kept it there her tongue stroked the bottom veins.  Josh’s grasped the couch, his eyes closed and he waited for her next move.

“Oh fuck yes,” She felt his excitement. It fueled her hunger further. She sucked harder and faster and took him all the way into her throat, as deep as she could handle it, then back out to the tip, searching for the wonderful pre-cum.

Her soft paws were equipped so her finely manicured nails went through the tips. As her hunger intensified she dug them into his thighs, leaving indentations. She slowly moved to his sac and teased them with the fine tips. As his balls got taut, the nails grazed over the ridges. She could hear him breathing faster and heard his moans start deeper. His hands raced from the couch to her head. He held in place while he fucked her mouth, hard and fast. She gagged but relaxed.

“That’s it Princess, take it. Take all of it, be a good little pet.” Princess kept her eyes on his. Felt his hot, sweaty sack hit her chin. Her eyes widened and mouth became sore as she felt his cock grow harder, wider and longer. His balls got very tight under her touch and with a thrust from him as he pulled her head down and came deep in her throat. She could feel his hot semen explode in her mouth. She loved the taste of his salty seed. She did not swallow, she never did until she had sucked the cum from his cock.

There was a loud pop from the suction as his cock fell from her mouth. It dripped with the mixture of saliva and cum. He left a sticky trail on her face as he let it rub against her cheek and chin. He pet her and stroked her hair “Good Princess. I know you like my cum, but you have to hold it until I say you can swallow.”

Josh pointed to her large, soft pillow on the floor as he reached behind him and pulled out a dildo. It looked and felt just like a real cock. And it was only slightly smaller than him. He watched Princess crawl to the pillow. Her tight little ass swayed and moved the tail. She lay on her side and watched him with her lustful eyes. Her make-up began to run from the sweat that beaded on her face. He stood. His cock pulsed as walked to her. “Time for you to have a little fun.” He knelt down and gently forced the toy into her mouth to get it wet and tried to not let any cum spill. Another soft pop sounded through the room as Josh slowly pulled it from her tight lips.

“On your back,” Josh commanded as he took off his shirt. His tan muscular torso danced as he tossed the shirt aside. When she was on her back, he spread her legs, looked down at her hairless middle. Her clit was swollen and she was very wet. He easily slid eight inches of the dildo in her pussy. Princess purred and moaned. She fought to keep her eyes open. Her paws kneaded the pillow. He watched her.

“Good girl,” he said sweetly. “You may swallow now.” Princess purred and he watched her as she swallowed. She savored every bit of it, licking her lips to clean them. She heard his moan. Princess loved it. When she finished, her mouth opened with a moan, then closed and she purred. Josh twisted the toy as he slid in and out of her hot wet pussy slowly. She felt the veins rub against the walls. It teased her. She relaxed when she was in costume, allowed him to take control. He body began to shake and her claws began to her legs and her back arched. She began to grind with the thrusts.

Josh stopped suddenly. A red welt appeared on her thigh where he spanked her. Princess’ eyes opened “No! You are not allowed to grind on the toy. If you grind again, you won’t get my hard cock in your pussy, will I let you climax either, do you understand?”

Princess whimpered and mewed. She lifted her head and saw cock was hard again. He thrust the dildo in hard and pulled it out slowly. She panted and purred, whimpered and mewed. Drops of blood appeared where she clawed her thighs. “Don’t orgasm, Princess,” he whispered. “It’s not time for that yet.”

He repeated the thrust again, but this time, he let his thumb flick her clit. Her pussy tightened on the toy to stop the impending orgasm. She mewed and saw him grin. He pulled the dildo out and it dripped of juices. Princess licked her lips in anticipation of cleaning the toy. Instead, she gasps and mewed as he lowered began to slide it into her ass. First just the bulb tip. It spread the reluctant opening slightly. He pulled it out, and slid it in again, a little further.  She tightened her ass slightly, mewed and closed her eyes.

He gently stroked the inside of her soft thigh with one hand. “Relax, be a good kitten and let it slide in your ass slowly.” He pressed the cock in more. Princess muffled a scream as the pressure intensified then licked her lips and relaxed her lower body. Her legs fell and she was wide open. He looked hungrily at the juices dripping from her hot pussy, down to the toy. He slid two fingers into Princess’ pussy getting those sweet, hot juices on them. He pulled the cock-like toy half way out, rubbed the juices all over it and watched. Waited. Patiently. Princess’ mews and purrs were amazing. She heard Josh gasp and felt him shake. She knew it meant chills went through his body.

With one swift movement, he thrust eight inches in her repeatedly. She screamed at the burning pain as the dildo stretched her ass in a way it’s never been done before. He caressed her thigh with his free hand. “Shhh… relax Princess. After the stretch, you will love this.” Josh whispered to her, helping her through the initial pain. As it subsided, she began to purr, claws dug into her thighs, again, leaving marks.

“I have a dirty kitty. You like that I see.” His eyes gleamed. Josh left the dildo in her ass as he stood. He pulled a leather belt and harness from under the pillow. He stepped through the leg holes and pulled it up to his thighs. When Princess looked, her eyes widened. He put his cock through a belted hole, pulled his balls forward and then pulled the rest of the leather belt went to his waist. Behind his balls was another cock. It was shiny black with white veins. He fastened the belt around his waist. When he tightened the strap that was around his cock it got wider. “Are you my dirty kitty?”

Princess mewed sweetly in consent.

Josh grinned, pulled the dildo out of her ass and tossed it on her chest. Princess mewed and purred, pawing at the sticky wet toy. He lifted her legs and spread them wide. He moved in and put the head of the strap-on dildo in her ass as his hard cock started to slide in her incredibly wet pussy. He pressed into her, both the toy and his dick slid in easily. His balls were caught and caressed between the two cocks.

Josh looked at Princess. She had given up on the toy and began clawing at her legs. Her body shook. “You may cum whenever you are ready, My Pet.” He began to move in and out of her, slowly, deliberately hitting all the right spots. Princess’ eyes closed and her back arched. She was in sensory overload. Feeling the two cocks rub together through the thin wall between pussy and ass was more than she could take. Each methodic movement in and out of her made it more difficult to hold back. He reached down grasped her hips and pulled her up to him, sending the entire length of him and the toy into her, and she screamed in intense pleasure. Her walls tighten around his cock and her hot juices coated his shaft and dripped onto his balls. Princess’ toes curled and her body shook from her orgasm. She mewed and panted. Her breathing slowed as he slowed his movements, pulling out until the heads were at the openings of their respective holes.

They gazed into each others’ eyes; communicating their lust and hunger without using words.

“I’m not done with you yet.”

As he leaned in to kissed her, she was felt him and the toy slide in her. He tasted himself on her pouty lips and sucked her tongue. It drove him wild. He moaned, pulled her paws above her head, pinning her to the pillow and began to fuck her hard and fast. Josh had no control over his desire at this point, all he saw was her gorgeous body, beautiful face and felt her hot wet pussy massaging his rock hard cock and wanted more.

Josh let her hands go, removed the headband and pulled the gloves off, tossed them aside. He traced lines from her neck to her tits with his manicured nails. They were more than two handfuls. He squeezed them and pinched the nipples slightly. Joy gasped and moaned. He then traced down her stomach which created goose-bumps all over her skin. He undid the belt for the tail and looked at her face. Joy smiled at him, the make-up smeared from the sweat and juices on Joy’s face.

“Now you are just my little slut. My hot, hungry, sexy slut who loves to be fucked by her lover.”

Joy moaned, “Yes, lover, I’m your little slut. Please, fuck me. Take me. Make me yours.”

Josh began to pound into her, rapidly. He leaned down and sucked her nipples, and bit them. The searing pain drove Joy wild. Her nails dug into his back, then she scratched down, leaving welts. He moaned, sat up and grabbed her hips. He pulled them into his, as he thrust himself and the dildo into her. The strap around his cock made him thicker and Joy was had a hard time staying in control. Through ragged breaths he moaned, “Cum…now.” That was all she needed, they both climaxed together. She felt his hot cum shooting deep in her and his cock throbbing right before she let her orgasm happen. She squirted juices down his shaft and squeezed his cock hard. They seemed to feed each other’s orgasm, making it last.

He slowly pulled out of her and stood. She watched him unbuckle and remove the strap-on harness. He gazed at her sweating body. “You are so gorgeous.” Josh said.

Joy looked at his cock licked her lips then into his eyes, “May I…clean you?” His eyes widened. She had never asked before. All he could do was nod.

She sat up on the pillow. She felt their cum drip from her pussy. She could smell the sex all around her. Joy’s heart raced and breathing became ragged. She kept licking her lips until she wrapped them around his cock. She moaned as she tasted their wonderful mixture. Joy’s eyes closed as she took his cock all the way in slowly. She came back to the head and used her hands to rub the bulb on her lips. “I love how that feels.” She whispered. Joy then licked from the base to the head, all around, leaving no cum on it. She was about to sit back when she noticed his balls glistening. She lifted his cock with one hand and licked them. The ridges and bumps felt odd on her tongue, but she didn’t care, her tongue explored and cleaned while his moans were echoed by hers. Finally, Joy sat back and looked at Josh. “Was that… okay?”

Josh looked down at her. They were both still panting slightly from the tryst. Joy noticed that he looked as if he was ready for another round, but instead, he lay on the pillow next to her and cuddled. He softly kissed her. “You are one amazing woman. Not to mention an exquisite pet.”

Joy blushed and purred. “I think I reflect the wonderful man and Master I have.”

They hugged each other and fell asleep on the pillow.

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