The Lost Love

Elizabeth weaved between the light weekday mall crowd during her lunch hour. Her MP3 player strapped to her arm left her hands free to hold her iced grapefruit juice. She had meant to grab a turkey wrap, but forgot. This was her “me” time. Normally, it relaxed and energized her, but today the only thing on her mind was how she could have let him walk out of her life nearly three years ago.

Bob, the mall security officer, was in his normal spot. He looked over the railing, making sure things were going well for the vendors below. She was about to walk up to him and say hello, just like she did every other lunchtime. Today, however, he was in a conversation with a friend. She settled for a simple, “Hi Bob.” and kept walking.

Bob touched the rim of his hat, nodded and slipped his usual ‘Howdy Ma’am’ into his conversation with the other man as if it was just a natural part of their chat.

Elizabeth glimpsed the man next to Bob, smiled and kept walking. She suddenly froze. “It can’t be.”  The mannequins of some retail chain passed slowly in her periphery as she turned around to face the two men.  Her breath caught, her grapefruit juice slipping through delicate fingers. Her heart fluttered. She locked her eyes onto his even before she realized they were both grinning like kids who had found a long-lost toy.

“Devin?” His name was barely audible, her mouth had become dry. The last time she saw him, he was driving away onto bigger and better things, and she just couldn’t follow.

Devin’s eyes glimmered with elation and hope. “Hi, Liz.”

Elizabeth quickly reached for the rail. Her legs turned to jelly and buckled, but Devin caught her faster than she could even plead for help.

“Look at that, I get to rescue the most gorgeous woman on my first day back.”

Elizabeth wrapped her arms around his neck and passionately pressed her lips on his, not caring where they were.

Devin reciprocated her passion. Reluctantly, he broke the kiss. Breathlessly he whispered “Wow!”

“I should have kissed you like that three years ago,” Elizabeth whispered. “ before I let you walk away.” A tear escaped her eye and slowly traveled down her cheek.

“Ahem,” Bob cleared his throat and the couple clung tighter to each other, startled.  “You two be good, now.” He called over his shoulder as he walked away.

Elizabeth giggled and blushed like a teenager. Devin kissed her cheek then called back to the guard, “Thanks, Bob. See you later.”

Devin released her, laced his fingers through hers and guided her to an exit, “Come on.”

Elizabeth let herself be led from the mall. Her calendar was clear for the afternoon, and even if it wasn’t, she didn’t care. She wouldn’t let him go….again.

Once at his apartment, the door hadn’t completely latched before she was in his arms. Elizabeth gently touched his face and then leaned in for another passionate kiss. Her hands moved along Devin’s body, exploring every inch she could reach.

The gentle passion grew hotter with every kiss, tease of the tongue and caress. Clothing was ripped, torn, and thrown everywhere. They paused only to explore, remember and enjoy the nakedness before their eyes.

Devin broke the kiss and stood back a few inches. Lust and approval danced in his eyes. When he finally spoke, it was a husky whisper, “Are you sure?”

“More than ever.” Elizabeth panted. Her heart pounded against her sternum. Her own voice, lustful and deep, surprised her,.

Boxes were stacked on nearly every inch of the floor, but Devin found an empty spot. He pulled a blanket from a partially open box of linens and created a place for them to lie down. Elizabeth lay on the soft cotton fabric, her chest raising and lowering rapidly with each breath. His eyes traveled the length of her luscious body. He gazed back into her eyes as he removed her thong, igniting goose bumps over her thighs.

Their eyes sparkled with awe and wonder as they drank in each other’s image for the first time in years.

Devin began his exploration of her body, with light kisses, at her toes. His lips traveled up her body. He created a line of delicate kisses along her flat stomach leading to her pert breasts. Both of them moaned softly as he continued his tantalizing trek up her neck only to cross the finish line at her tender lips. Elizabeth’s body was covered in goose bumps by the time he had reached his destination.

Elizabeth didn’t allow Devin to close the gap between their bodies. She gently rolled him onto his back where she began her own oral exploration . She started at his lips with her own tender kisses, traced his jaw line to his neck and down his chest.  She looked up at him and then continued her adventure downward to his stomach. When his hard member brushed across her breasts she moaned.

Before she could continue Devin sat up and pulled her into his lap. Moans came in stereo as his hard cock slid easily into her hot, wet center.

Her head tilted back as his hands slid down her sides to her hips. He slowly pulled her into him. They kept their rhythm slow and methodical as he moved in and out of her. Elizabeth’s nipples grew and hardened as they brushed against Devin’s chest. The lovers were two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together, as one.

Devin lifted Elizabeth off his lap and he guided her to the floor. He gazed into her passion filled eyes as he lowered himself and once again slid into her waiting pussy. The sweet scent of her juices filled the air. They moved as one, her hips met his as he thrust down into her.



They moaned together as their hunger took over. She felt his cock grow harder within her. The veins rubbed roughly inside of her. She dug her nails into his back as her velvety walls tightened around him. Devin gave one last, possessive thrust then came inside her.

He pulled from her slowly, juices dripping off the tip of his cock. Elizabeth moaned softly as he pulled her in for a long, passionate kiss.

“I love you, Liz.”

“Devin, I’ve always loved you.”


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