A Day With Ashley Fairy

Ashley’s eyes fluttered and she yawned as the sun began to peek through her open second story window. The rays gently kissed her cheek, waking her fully and announcing it was the first real day of summer break. Like any other child, she was happy to be out of school for a while.

A radiant red cardinal perched on the window sill and chirped happily at her. Ashley stood and looked at the beautiful bird.

“Good morning, lovely cardinal.”

“Tweet tweet-tweet.”

Ashley stretched her arms above her head and her beautiful purple and pink wings appeared. She inspected each wing, carefully. She noticed new swirling designs on the delicate wings.

During the school year, she and her parents lived in a house within the district, so she hid her wings the entire school year. She and the other fairies were afraid if anyone found out she was a fairy she would be captured. The mere thought of that sent chills down her spine.

“Tweet tweet!” The cardinal blurted out and startled her.

Ashley giggled, “Let me get dressed and we will play in the clouds.”

Ashley searched her wooden armoire for the perfect outfit. She was taller than most fairies and refused to dress like the sprites from the animated movies. She found a pair of plum purple cotton leggins and a long white tailor-made tank top. She dressed quickly. She was about to fly out the window when she remembered to brush her long red hair and put it in a ponytail. Then she brushed her teeth in the small basin in corner of the room. “I’ll dump that out later,” she though.

“Okay, now I’m ready.”

She extended her delicate wings and flew out the window. A beautiful smile played on Ashley’s face when she saw the 20 bird friends waiting for her. There were cardinals, sparrows, and somehow a pair of lovebirds escaped their owner to join in the fun. The weather was a perfect 70 degrees with a light wind and gorgeous white fluffy clouds in the sky.

“Let’s go!”

Tweets echoed  as she stretched her arms and wings and took flight, the birds followed close behind as she swooped, dove and made loops in the air. They then soared high into the sky and played hide-and-seek puffy clouds. They also created dot pictures with their bodies.

Eventually they landed in the shade a large oak tree by a slow moving stream. The birds perched on rocks and leaned down for a little drink. Ashley knelt along the side, cupped her hands, scooped up some of the fresh, cold water and took a drink. Then, she splashed a little on her face to cool her hot cheeks. They relaxed for a while in the shade. The birds found some insects to satisfy their hunger from the exercise. Ashley just closed her eyes and relaxed her wings while leaning against the rough bark of the tree.

They were off again. They played follow the leader. But the sun began to set on the western horizon. She gasped in awe at the amazing oranges and pinks that painted the sky. It was time for Ashley and the birds to return home. She heard all the mother birds as they called their offsprings home. As she took flight toward her own tree house, she heard her mother call in her high pitched fairy way, “Ash, almost dinner time.”

Ashley darted between the large oak trees and slowed just before she flew in her window. “I’ll be down after I bathe, Mother.”

Ashley pranced on her tip toes to the small watercloset and turned the squeaky faucet to the right spot for tepid water and let it warm up and fill the small tub as she grabbed a washcloth and towel from the shelf. She set the soft pink towel on the floor by the tub and tossed the washcloth into the water, then peeled the sweaty clothing from her body. She turned the water off, stepped into the tub and grabbed the soaked washcloth with one hand and the bar of lavender soap with the other. Ashley rubbed them together, creating a thick lather on the cloth. She put the bar back in the holder and washed her body. She leaned back, letting her head submerge into the luke warm water, getting her long red hair wet to her forehead. The scent of lavender was in the air. She grabbed a vanilla scented shampoo and washed her hair with it. “Mmmm. Nice and soothing.” She rinsed her hair and emptied the tub. The water made a sucking sound as it went down the pipe.

Once out of the tub, she dried off with the oversized soft towel and wrapped it around her torso. She grabbed her dirty clothing, opened the door and called down, “Almost done, Mother.”

“Alright, Ash. Dad is home, we are setting the table now.” Kassy called up to her.

Ashley quickly trotted to her room and put on a pastel yellow sundress with pink flowers dotting it. She ran a comb through her hair and put the towel in the laundry basket in the corner of her room.

She skipped down the stairs into the dining room. She hugged and kissed her father.¬† “Hello, Father.”

“Hello, Ashley.” Andrew whispered as he hugged and kissed her back.

“Let us sit and enjoy our herbs and berries and the wonderful soup I have prepared for dinner.”

The family gathered around and sat at their respective chairs at the table. As Kassy ladled the soup, Ashley told her parents about the wonderful day she had with the birds.

“It was wonderful, Mother and Father. I wish you could have joined us. The best part was hide and seek in the clouds and feeling the droplets of water on my wings.”

Ashley took a few moments to take a drink of her ice cold water and a few bites of the sweet berries.

“So, hon, did you have a good day at work?”

“It was a day. I was able to meet some writers who want us to publish their books with our company. That means I might have to work a couple late nights or bring work home.”

“Oh, how exciting! I am so glad the small publisher you work for is getting new clients. I know that means you are doing a great job the formats of the books and the marketing.”

“Daddy! That is great! I’m so happy for you.”

Ashley covered her mouth with her hand and tried to stop herself from yawning. It didn’t work, she yawned big for such a petite little fairy.

“Looks like it is time for bed.” Her parents said in stereo.

Ashley covered her mouth as she yawned again. “Mmhmm,” was all she could say. She stood up and cleared her area on the table. She rinsed the dishes off in the sink then walked over to her mother. “Night Mom,” she said as she kissed her cheek. She fluttered to her father, “Night Dad,” and she kissed his cheek.,

“Sleep well, Ashley,” Her parents chimed as they watched her lazily flutter up the stairs to her room.

Ashley closed the door gently and turned off the light. She walked softly to her bed and pulled the soft pink blankets down then walked to the window.

“Good night, my friends. See you in the morning.”

Tweets filled the air and faded as Ashley crawled into her bed and pulled the covers up to her chin. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.


K. M. Perry


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