Magical Foreplay

  • Posted on September 16, 2011 at 5:11 pm

Cara had been sitting in the chair, since she got out of bed that morning, working on a drafting project. She had so many ideas in her head, one seemed better than the last, but none were right for her client. Sometimes, when they left it up to her imagination, it was difficult to find the right style to compliment everything the client does.

She lifted her head out of her hands, moved the mouse to wake the monitor, and typed, “I’m gonna lay down.”

The speakers chimed. “Long day?”

She sighed out loud. “Yes, I’m mentally exhausted.”

Another chime. “Ok. I’ll lay with you.”

She giggled as she read it. “Hon…. you are on a business trip. You can’t.”

She swore she heard Will sigh and the irritation he felt when the speakers chimed again. “When you lay down, close your eyes & think of me.”


Cara turned her head to straighten some papers when the last chime came through. “See you soon.”

She shook her head, locked the computer and turned off the monitor. Her knees popped as she stood and her body was stiff from being immobile for three hours. Normally she would just draw manually, but decided to give CAD a shot. Good thing she was a quick learner, because the project was due soon.

As Cara made the short walk from her office to the adjacent bedroom, she undressed, leaving a provocative clothing trail, shorts, shirt, bra and panties, from the desk to bed. She crawled between the cool cotton sheets, and her eyelids closed as soon as her head hit the pillow. Her body became heavy and molded itself into the wonderfully soft mattress. Her breaths became shallow and she was asleep.

It seemed as if only seconds passed when she felt the mattress sink slightly. A smile played on her lips as the scent of Brute aftershave tickled her nose. Will slid up against her and pulled her close with his strong arms.

“Mmmm.” A moan escaped her slightly parted lips. Her eyes remained closed and she submitted to his desires.

Chills covered her arms, rear and legs as his hand gently caressed her supple breasts and down her side. She felt his large penis throb against her ass while it grew larger in response to her closeness. Will lifted her leg and supported it with his hand, then slowly slid his cock into her hot, wet and waiting pussy. She gasped in pleasure and moved with him.

He let go of Cara’s leg and guided it to rest on his. His hand covered her mouth.


He pumped in and out of her, faster and harder with his growing desire. The suction of his cock working her wet pussy replaced her moans.

Cara felt his hot breath come in heavy pants on the back of her neck, and his hand clamped tighter on her mouth.

In a rapid movement, Will’s hand moved from her mouth to her neck and he cut off her air. She loved this. It turned her on even more. The roughness, the passion, the desire. Soon, it fueled her and she met his inward thrusts with a harder backward thrust. The sound of their bodies moving in a hot salsa rhythm made their fire burn hotter and faster.

Cara’s body became taut and quaked. Hot juices squirt down his rock hard cock. Will thrust one last time, hard and deep, sending his cum inside her.

Cara breathed heavily, sweating and laying in a hot, wet mess on her bed. She slowly opened her eyes, turned over to greet Will with a smile, only to realize she was alone.

“That was one hell of a dream.” She put her hand between her legs, brought it to her face, and it was soaked with wonderful smelling juices.

Suddenly, her pillow vibrated. She jumped as it brought her out of her post dream state. She reached her dry hand under the pillow, grabbed the phone and answered it.

“Hello?” Cara’s tone was sexy, confused and tired all in one.

“So, I had a raging hard-on. I locked the door and took care of it, because I couldn’t handle the pressure anymore.”

She blushed immediately at Will’s words.

“You realize, I can see that glow, even 100 miles away? Did you enjoy it as much as I did?”

“How… did… wait… HUH?”

His deep laugh made butterflies flutter playfully in her stomach. “Let’s just say, since we started dating, I can feel you anywhere, anytime I want. And, today I decided to let you experience it as well.”

“Dare I… ask… how?”

“It’s for another time. But for now, please, tell me you loved it.”

“My pussy is still throbbing, wanting more. I smelled your aftershave, felt you, everything.” Cara’s heart began racing and her breathing became shallow thinking of it.

“So, if I make it back in town tonight, can I come over and play?”

She moaned loudly into the phone. “Yes, please.”

“Do me a favor?”

“Sure.” A grin played on her face

“Lick those juices off your hand and think of how it tastes.”

She shrugged and licked her fingers clean, thinking of how salty, creamy and sweet it tasted.

“Like that?”

“Mmhmm. I’m hard all over again.”

“Hurry, finish your work, get back into town and come screw me.” She whispered.

“Yes, Love. See you soon. Love you.”

“Love you too. Bye.”


As Cara pressed the END button, she felt Will’s hands running across her skin and moaned.

She turned over and fell back asleep, with a smile on her face.


K. M. Perry

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